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Why Mk14 most Underrated Gun in PUBG Mobile

I’ve been taking part in PUBG mobile for over an entire year, and in that time I discovered that the gun most underrated is the Mk14. It’s not clear what kind of critique it receives, or more than the vector. Its biggest issue has to do with its burst modes. It’s difficult to manage its recoil and believe it should be used only for informal shooting. However, that’s not the case It’s a fact! I can see the power that Mk14 is equipped with. I was playing the squad mode and I got a crash in malta.
My teammates were not near me because we just arrived at. However, within minutes, three squad members came out of the house with different kinds of guns, including ump9, scar l and many more. I was terrified as I was a target and had only Mk14 in my hands. Then you’ll never know what happened ! !
I was out into an open area and killed the three of them in burst mode. The only method to get the guns to work is to press the fire button downwards during firing to limit the recoil. You can also keep tapping onto the firing button. It’s hard to believe however, its firing rate is higher than AKM M416, M416 or SCAR L. So this gun is a great weapon. Most people don’t know how to operate it, so they continue saying what a poor firearm it’s. As I’ve told you that it’s not. If you’re not convinced by me, then try the techniques I described and then practice them in the training mode.

What is the least-rated weapon on the PUBG mobile?

I’m thinking it’s Win94 that makes use of .45mm bullets and has an identifier of a sniper, however there isn’t a single person who is using it until you have any other guns. The majority of people don’t even know the name.

Mk14 Capabilities

Mark 14 can take down the opponent in five rounds. This is why it is dangerous in close-to mid-range fights when it is set to auto mode. It is regarded as an M416 with more potent damage.Make sure that you use an extended mag since the Mk is able to hold only the maximum number of rounds. The extended mag expands the capacity up to 20. Another benefit to this pistol is its speed. shots.
For long distances of shooting the bullet moves quickly and straight. There is very little dropping of the bullet. The gun can be used with scopes that are up to 8x. This lets it be an accurate sniper in single-fire mode.

Why Mk14 most Underrated Gun in PUBG Mobile

Control of recoil

But, everything comes at costs because of the Mk14’s hefty recoil, and its unpredictable ride can make it a costly option. However, this is controlled with attachments like the cheek pad as well as compensation.

The cheek pad and sniper compensator when used together, can reduce recoil vertically and improve stability to an enormous degree. The bipod stand that provides great stability when climbing. More Info Chack Our Web Site



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